We think the world around us is absolutely fascinating. Understanding and affecting how it works through science and technology is incredibly rewarding. We love looking at a subject from slightly unconventional angles to make it more understandable.

We do this directly by writing and performing science shows and by generating written explanations of phenomena, and indirectly by designing and building science demos and hands-on science exhibits.

Science Exhibits

A table with a big lazy susan in the middle to take materials to make things with.
The Cartesian diver is a classic demo, which involves both pressure and buoyancy.
A beautiful phases of matter analogy that can show what is happening to the particles during phase changes.

Science Demonstrations

Who wouldn't like a three metre column of spinning fire in their science show?
Most space rockets are launched from the equator. Why is this?
A pair of trolleys with very low friction, so you can throw fuel one way and the trolley will go in the other - a rocket.

Science Shows

How do we make light? What is colour? Why do newspapers have strange coloured spots at the edges? Find out in our light show.
What is electricity, how is it generated, how does it relate to a microwave and what has this all got to do with greek cats and leg hair? Watch our electricity show to find out.
A brief trip around the science of gasses, what happens if you squash then, stretch them, heat them and cool them. Involving liquid nitrogen, and our infamous repeating vacuum bazookas.

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