We think the world around us is absolutely fascinating. Understanding and affecting how it works through science and technology is incredibly rewarding. We love looking at a subject from slightly unconventional angles to make it more understandable.

We do this directly by writing and performing science shows and by generating written explanations of phenomena, and indirectly by designing and building science demos and hands-on science exhibits.

Science Exhibits

Rods made of different materials with the same ring magnet being dropped around them. The better the conductivity of the rod, the slower the magnet drops.
The classic blower which makes a ball float stably in the air almost as if by magic.
A version of our gear wall exhibit that works as a tabletop exhibit so it can fit in different places.
Complete circuits using your body and see the currents flowing through the exhibit.

Science Demonstrations

A 3D model showing a zoomed in version of the colon wall, with lots of mucus and bacteria.
A model robot that can be used to visualise the transcription of DNA to RNA and then to a protein
A demo that is used to help explain gene therapy to the families of people who may need it as a therapy.
A set of rubens tubes tuned like a set of organ pipes, so different tubes will hit resonance at different pitches, so as you scan the frequency the resonance will move between the pipes.

Science Shows

A high-energy, high-demo whistle-stop tour of the development of lighting technologies.
How do we make light? What is colour? Why do newspapers have strange coloured spots at the edges? Find out in our light show.
What is electricity? How is it generated? How does it relate to a microwave, and what has this all got to do with Greek cats and leg hair? Watch our electricity show to find out.
A brief trip around the science of gasses, what happens if you squash then, stretch them, heat them and cool them. Involving liquid nitrogen, and our infamous repeating vacuum bazookas.

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