We are often asked to make a specific exhibit, demonstration or other object. We have been commissioned by science centres, historical museums, university and corporate outreach, TV companies, and private individuals. If you have something you want building contact us.

A 3D model showing a zoomed in version of the colon wall, with lots of mucus and bacteria.
A model robot that can be used to visualise the transcription of DNA to RNA and then to a protein
A demo that is used to help explain gene therapy to the families of people who may need it as a therapy.
A rolling ball game to show cells moving in responce to an immune threat in the skin.
A box with a small blue screen. On top of the box, between two rails, two linked green tiles.
An RFID scanner in a box, built to look like a piece of lab equipment for a science based escape room. "Amino acids" carrying RFID tags can be linked together and pulled between the rails at the top of the box to find out what oligo-peptide has been created.
We built this giant kerplunk for Alzheimers Research UK, as a prop for discussing risk factors for the development of Alzheimer's disease: the more sticks are pulled out (the more risk factors apply) the greater the likelihood of the balls falling down into the buckets (the development of disease).
Image of sea ice exhibit
We've all heard lots about the loss of polar sea ice over time. This exhibit allows gallery visitors to see it for themselves. With the ability to select the month and the year, changes in sea ice extent can be displayed on a projector or screen, showing how the ice changes month by month, or for a particular month over back to 1850. Depressing, but important.
A set of rubens tubes tuned like a set of organ pipes, so different tubes will hit resonance at different pitches, so as you scan the frequency the resonance will move between the pipes.
We were asked by "The Naked Scientists" podcast to create a device that could go up on a high altitude balloon up to 100 000 feet and test if your screams can be heard in space.
A model train pushed along by the pressure of the air from a centrifugal pump to model a historical underground post railway in London.