We are often asked to make a specific exhibit, demonstration or other object. We have been commissioned by science centres, historical museums, university and corporate outreach, TV companies, and private individuals. If you have something you want building contact us.

An exhibit to communicate the complexity and skill involved in making lace in an accessible way.
A very simple plaiting exhibit to let visitors have a go at straw plaiting patterns
A framework to support an interesting chiral 3D solid for a festival workshop.
We were asked to build a case to hold 48 raspberry pis and a switch into a 3U rack mount case.
A 3D model showing a zoomed in version of the colon wall, with lots of mucus and bacteria.
A model robot that can be used to visualise the transcription of DNA to RNA and then to a protein
A demo that is used to help explain gene therapy to the families of people who may need it as a therapy.
A Security camera pointing at the sky looking for meteors.
A rolling ball game to show cells moving in responce to an immune threat in the skin.
A box with a small blue screen. On top of the box, between two rails, two linked green tiles.
An RFID scanner in a box, built to look like a piece of lab equipment for a science based escape room. "Amino acids" carrying RFID tags can be linked together and pulled between the rails at the top of the box to find out what oligo-peptide has been created.