Science Demonstrations

We have been building a wide variety of science demonstrations since about 2000, originally for CHaOS (Cambridge Hands On Science), and our own shows but more recently for Lab in a Lorry, The Naked Scientists shows, the Cambridge Science Centre, the RI christmas lectures and others.
Having done a huge amount of loading experiments in and out of vans we have now become obsessed with making experiments pack as efficiently as possible, preferably into a standard box or if that is not possible, then as a clean flat object which will pack nicely.

Have you ever wondered how astronomers know so much about distant galaxies when we have never even sent a probe to the sun. The answer is spectroscopy, and this allows you to explore different lights and what colours make them up.
A framework to support an interesting chiral 3D solid for a festival workshop.
A 3D model showing a zoomed in version of the colon wall, with lots of mucus and bacteria.
A model robot that can be used to visualise the transcription of DNA to RNA and then to a protein
A demo that is used to help explain gene therapy to the families of people who may need it as a therapy.
A set of rubens tubes tuned like a set of organ pipes, so different tubes will hit resonance at different pitches, so as you scan the frequency the resonance will move between the pipes.
A model train pushed along by the pressure of the air from a centrifugal pump to model a historical underground post railway in London.
A stick that will display the current passing through a circuit made of a group of people as a flow of lights.
A lightweight low friction spinning chair that you can do angular momentum experiments with, and play with gyroscopes.
Use a laser to send a message through the air. Use a fibre optic to send the signal around corners