We have built over 100 different science museum exhibits, mostly for the Cambridge Science Centre. These have included electrical generators, ball runs, stick insect cages, logic blocks and dissected household items.

We think that 95% of the time a small exhibit can teach and fascinate your visitors just as much as a large exhibit. Plus they have the advantage of being much cheaper, and you can get 2-3 times as many in the same space, allowing your visitors to explore more science, and making it more likely they will find something that inspires them.

A ball or marble run is a good exhibit, but if you add a way of lifting the balls back up to the top again you get something great.
There is so much engineering we take for granted, looking inside things gives you a different perspective.
A really quite surprising illusion where something can appear both rough and smooth at the same time.
This is a wonderful way to feel the conservation of energy. Turn the handle and switch on lights, and as you use more energy, turning the handle gets harder.
This cloud chamber allows you to see tracks from individual alpha and beta particles.
A giant hand that you can move the fingers by pulling on the tendons.