Modular Ball Run

Ball or marble runs are fun, but when you can reposition all the parts, and the balls are blown up to the top again, they are brilliant!

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The ball run consists of a steel sheet, that you can use magnets to attach various tubes gullies and other devices for the ball to run down

To get the ball back up to the top there are a series of blowers set back into the wall (so you can bridge over them with the tubes and build even more complex ball runs).


The wall is modular allowing you to install it to the size you need and move it to another location in the future.

It is a great exhibit, and can toddlers to engineering PhDs engauged for ages.

Other features:

There is a slope on the steel so if anything falls off it is more likely to stick back on, than fall on your feet.

The Tray is sloping towards the steel wall so balls and other objects bounce back to the wall.

Everything is low voltage reducing the need for PAT testing

The air going into the fans is filtered to increase their life.