We also do early stage prototyping for startups or other companies. If you you want to check if your new idea works, need to turn an idea into a  demonstration for funding purposes, or just need a one off we may be able to help.

Building our science exhibits and demonstrations requires the integration of electronic, mechanical, software, optical, audio and thermal systems. Over the years we have collected a lot of experience in getting original and unusual systems working quickly and on a budget.

We specialise in going back to first principles to get something working which doesn't have a standard solution, as science exhibits very often fall outside the realm of off the shelf engineering.

We have a very general workshop, including CNC router, CNC and manual lathes, milling machine and welding, as well as a wide range of hand- and power-tools. This allows us to work in metals, plastics and wood at a range of scales and gives us great flexibility to try different approaches quickly.

We are based in Cambridge and are trained physcial scientists. Our post graduate research experiences include physics, chemsitry and materials science, backed up by introductory undergraduate study of cell biology, biochemistry and geology.

We have slowly moved via science communication, science journalism and public engagement into making physical things, which lends us a very broad awareness of the scientific context of many of our clients' projects. Our broad knowledge base allows us to explore the problem with our clients and to work with them to create the right solution, rather than simply working to a specification. 

We have prototyped things from bike locks to biochemistry. If you have an interesting problem get in touch at