Vacuum Bazookas and Custard Fireballs

  • Posted on: 6 February 2017
  • By: dave
A brief trip around the science of gasses, what happens if you squash then, stretch them, heat them and cool them. Involving liquid nitrogen, and our infamous repeating vacuum bazookas.

Looking at the forces gasses can apply, how a hot air balloon works, why flames, rise, how hurricanes work, and how to make a fireball from custard powder.

It looks at:

  • Vacuums, and how suction works.
  • What happens to the size of gasses as you change the pressure
  • How this explains how hot air balloons work
  • How changing the volume of a gas affects its temperature
  • What happens when you liquify a gas, and let it evaporate.

This show requires hosts to help us source liquid nitrogen.

Age range - family shows: 
Fire pistons
Fire Tornado
Repeating Vacuum Bazookas
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