Modular Ball Run

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The ball run consists of a steel sheet, that you can use magnets to attach various tubes gullies and other devices for the ball to run down

To get the ball back up to the top there are a series of blowers set back into the wall (so you can bridge over them with the tubes and build even more complex ball runs).

Magnet drop generator

This is probably the simplest generator that can produce a noticible amount of power, and is used in the torches you shake to power them.

There are two LEDs on each coil, one will light if the induced current is clockwise and the other if it is anti-clockwise. One will flash as the north pole move into the coil and one as the south pole does.


It is one of the most effective exhibits we have ever built, and even if you know what is going to happen it is somehow still surprising whether you are a 2 year old, or a physics grad.