Spectrometer and spectrum tubes

Different lights produce light in different ways, and so produce very different spectra. With a spectroscope you can investigate the hidden depths of light.


We have built these as outreach kit and exhibits, with different light sources to look at including a variety of white light sources, a selection of gas discharge tubes and looking at fluorescent materials.

Giant stage fire tornado

This is a large stage version of a fire tornado that is designed to impress in a large venue. It is about 2.8m high and the spinning column of flame can come out another metre above that (Make sure the ceiling is high enough!).

It is made of welded aluminium and steel with a large base for stability, and the two halves of the tube slide inside one another for transport.

Repeating Vacuum Bazookas

The vacuum bazooka is a classic demonstration, you attach a vacuum cleaner to the side of one end of a pipe, cover the end with a piece of card and then drop a projectile down the other end and a the projectile flies down the tube and out the other end.

I got a bit carried away and worked out various ways of building repeating vacuum bazookas, because it sounded like fun (and because I could).

The Vacuum Revolver

Fire pistons

I have made several, slightly less useful but much more impressive, transparent versions which make a great demo for showing an important property of gasses.