Magnetic wall

Gear Table

This has all of the features of the gear wall exhibit but it is horizontal rather than vertical. You can make gear trains, reciprocating motions, waving hands etc. With the added feature of making things spin in the centre.


Magnetic Gear Wall

Mechanisms are fascinating, and extremely important to our world, from power stations to electric toothbrushes. You may want to build a complicated machine or just make some gears turn, or anything in between. Allowing you to learn about mechanisms as you play.

It is based around magnetic hubs which hold gears and pulleys in between them.

Modular Ball Run

The ball run consists of a steel sheet, that you can use magnets to attach various tubes gullies and other devices for the ball to run down

To get the ball back up to the top there are a series of blowers set back into the wall (so you can bridge over them with the tubes and build even more complex ball runs).