Knee surgery models

We built these 'knees' as a commission for an outreach exhibit for a group working on keyhole surgery for knees, to allow participants to get a feel for the different approaches needed for keyhole as opposed to open surgery. The outsize knees, complete with booted feet, use games (and an arthroscope) supplied by Sawbones and more usually used as training equipment for arthroscopic surgeons.

Giant hand model

A great way to teach how muscles and tendons work as you can't push a tendon, so you have to find another one to pull, as well as the anatomy of the hand and arm.

This works great as a supervised demonstration, but it could be built as an exhibit for a museum.

This version was built a long time ago in a student living room, we could do a much neater job today, but it is such an effective demonstration we wanted to list it.