Writing and illustrating

All science communication is a simplification of an approximation, quite often the approximation which is useful to solve problems at undergraduate level isn't the most useful one when you are trying to understand something at a lower level. We believe that if you understand the science well enough when you come to explain something you can turn the concept around and approach it from a different direction, which often can be more interesting, enlightening, and hopefully simplifies without being very wrong.

We have used this philosophy in a variety of places:

A variety of short articles about science using computer simulations to get the point across.
While Dave worked at the Naked Scientists he built up a huge collection of hands-on science experiments to do at home.
A picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to science communication a picture is far more valuable than that.
Boom! (was Crisp Packet Fireworks) is a book of do at home experiments I co-wrote and illustrated a few years ago. It contains 50 fun and carefully explained science experiments